"Let  this be an opportunity to highlight the care provided in ambulatory surgery rooms, especially by Miss Paola Celis, Surgeon Cristian Gomez and nurse Ruby, to all of whom I am infinitely grateful.

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Jackson Memorial Hospital de Miami firma alianza con la Clínica del Occidente de Bogotá Bogotá, Julio de 2010.


Clínica del Occidente, in its process of innovation and strength in services, has signed a partnership with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, in order to generate benefits for both medical professionals working in the clinic, and for users and patients.


Due to the phenomenon of globalization, service providing institutions have been growing beyond the borders of their countries. Along these lines of thought, the health sector is not too far behind. In Colombia, doors are being opened internationally in order to carry out patient exchange, advance, and sign alliances with major stakeholders.


"At Clínica del Occidente our day – to – day challenge is that of providing better service to patients, to update health professionals and stay ahead. That is why this alliance allows us to open knowledge, market and opportunities for users, for specialists and for the industry”, says Dr. Edgar Ruiz, Director General of the Clínica del Occidente.


The main benefits in the agreement are:


  • Interinstitutional learning on analysis of complex cases through a system of online communication with specialists from both organizations.
  • Continuous Academic Training for medical professionals in the health sector.
  • Innovation and use of technology in order to share experiences and knowledge to generate contributions to science.


The aforementioned benefits will be reflected in service and support for patients in the management of special cases, in mutual benefit and to allow academic and scientific growth for both parties. On the one hand, Clínica del Occidente will benefit itself from the advice and support of a great institution, and on the other, the Jackson Memorial Hospital will have the opportunity to give and receive valuable experiences.


Training for the medical community


Clínica del Occidente, within the framework of this alliance, carried out the First Trauma Workshop last year, to which more than 70 specialists attended in order to upgrade their expertise with the conferences led by experts from the Jackson Memorial Hospital and Clínica del Occidente. The workshop dealt with various issues related to trauma in emergency management, specialists in general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, neonatology and cardiology.


The 2nd International Congress of Trauma will be held again this year, along with the international health agency, as of 19 and 20 November. Featured speakers from Jackson Memorial Hospital and the directors of Clínica del Occidente units related to the theme of the academic event shall take part thereof.


Speech Bubble


Clínica del Occidente has a history of more than 27 years of health service, which has positioned us as a leader in providing health services and a leader in caring for patients of medium and high complexity, thanks to our infrastructure, technological resources and human talent.


Clínica del Occidente is accredited and certified under ISO 9001 in continuous improvement to ensure excellence in quality, and has renewed its accreditation with the ISQUA seal in attention of international patients. It also has a highly professional, constantly updated, medical team, as well as extensive experience in addressing complex procedures for successful outcomes.


The Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital is, in turn, one of the three largest health systems in the United States. Its vision is that of becoming a world-class medical system recognized both nationally and internationally. The Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital holds close relationships with major medical institutions in the Caribbean basin; likewise, it has signed cooperation agreements in Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru.


Additionally, the Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital seeks to establish relationships primarily with first-class hospitals, medical networks extensive coverage, insurers which provide health policies with international coverage, pre - paid medicine companies and government medical institutions. In order to establish an agreement with the Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, the process began with a feasibility research process so as to determine whether said institution is aligned with our vision. Having once done so, vis – a – vis conversations start with the goal of completing an agreement of cooperation of mutual benefit.


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